1. Application: Submission of required documents as per ATTACHMENT III
  • Company’s Registration Certificate, Business License and Manufacturing License
  • Statutory Declaration Letter (please refer to ATTACHMENT II)
  • Specimen Signature Letter (please use the template provided)

* Please note that this endorsement is only valid from the date of approval until 31st of December of the year and to be renewed annually

  1. Once the application above is approved, please proceed with COO application as per ATTACHMENT IV. Blank COO certificates are available for RM 25 (100pcs). Please prepare 2 copies of COO as TCCCI will keep a copy for filing purpose.

(Please refer to ATTACHMENT V for the flow chart of work processing)

  1. Processing fee:
  • Member – RM 5.00 per signature
  • Non-member – RM 10.00 per signature

* For cases of untallied information on documents (ie: changes in vessel name, different figures etc), please submit a Letter of Indemnity (please refer attachment) explaining the cause and amendments.